Marvel's X of Swords Reveals The First Casualty of the Duels

Fifteen issues into the twenty two issue Marvel crossover X of Swords and the long pointy weapons have finally (FINALLY!) been drawn as the tournament begins. This weeks crop of comics as part of the event include Marauders #15, Excalibur #14, and Wolverine #7 (spoilers below!), with the first part revealing that the inaugural round of the tournament between Krakoa and Arakko would be between Isca the Unbeaten and Betsy Braddock (aka Captain Britain). As we know from the betting line for which of the swordsmen of the event will even survive, and from her name, Isca is the absolute favorite to be among the survivors. The odds are in her favor.

The actual fight between the pair takes place at the start of Excalibur #14 and despite the assumption that it will be a long and fair one, it's over rather quickly. The pair trade blows only a twice before Isca's sword makes contact with Betsy's seemingly delivers killing blow. Despite not stabbing or impaling Betsy, the weapon causes Captain Britain's sword to begin to break apart and shatter, which extends to Betsy herself. As a result, her body and sword break into pieces and fall to the ground in what looks like a pile of stained glass. Betsy even declares "I'm breaking" as her pieces fall.

Betsy X of Swords Excalibur

Betsy's brother and the rest of the X-Men naturally react to this with surprise and grief, fearing that she's been killed. A newspaper like description pages follows, which reads in part: "Fans are still unsure as to what they witnessed -- the grounds were cleared shortly thereafter, and the "remains" of the Captain remanded to Lady Saturnyne. Reports are varied, but one thing is for sure: it was shocking. Local duel fan Edelbert Boggantruffl e was quoted as saying there was a "shatterin'! Like a stained-glass window it was! Just one strike to 'her sword and the Captain was in pieces! Smithereens, I say!'"

It remains to be seen if Betsy is actually dead (with resurrection seemingly off the table back on Krakoa), because the rest of this issue and Wolverine #7 quickly establish that the remaining rounds of the X of Swords tournament will be much different than just simple sword fights.


We'll have to wait and see where things go next but there are only six issues remaining. November 18th sees the release of X-Force #14, Hellions #6, and Cable #6 and it all wraps up on November 25 with X-Men #15, Excalibur #15, and the final chapter, X of Swords: Destruction #1. You can find the full checklist for the 22 part event below.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)