The X-Men Have Their Own Planet Now

The X-Men are reaching for the stars in Planet-Size X-Men. When House of X and Powers of X began [...]

The X-Men are reaching for the stars in Planet-Size X-Men. When House of X and Powers of X began this new era for Marvel's mutants, it started with the mutants of Earth forming an island nation on Krakoa. They offered life-saving medicine in return for sovereignty and acknowledgment and demanded amnesty for mutants worldwide. In the wake of the X of Swords event, there's now a sister nation of warrior mutants, Arakko suddenly returned to Earth. In Planet-Size X-Men #1, the mutants claim Mars for themselves to give the Arakki a new home and to make a statement to the galaxy. SPOILERS for Planet-Size X-Men #1 by Gerry Duggan, Pepe Larraz, and Marte Gracia follow.

The aptly named Planet-Size X-Men sees Krakoa dazzling its human Hellfire Gala guests by terraforming the fourth planet from the sun in front of their eyes. It takes hardly any time at all. Magneto, Vulcan, Iceman, and Storm work together using their powers to give the dead planet a new atmosphere where life can thrive. Then, using a combination of powers, the mutants transport the Arakko island from Earth to Mars in an instant.

Planet Arakko X-Men Marvel
(Photo: Marvel)

Mutants give Mars a new name. They dub it Planet Arakko and make claim to it being the capital of the solar system. This will be where diplomats come to discuss issues of intergalactic importance. This will be Sol's first line of defense against the next alien invasion. They then stop to enjoy the fireworks with their guests on their new planet.

Of course, humans of Earth aren't all that thrilled with this power play by mutants. The full ramifications of Planet Arakko's creation will surely be felt in the upcoming issues of the X-Men line, including the new X-Men series debuting with a new X-Men lineup in July.

What do you think of mutants claiming Mars and turning it into Planet Arakko, the capital of the solar system? Let us know in the comments section. Planet-Size X-Men #1 is on sale now. You can read our review of the issue here.

  • Planet-Size X-Men #1
  • APR210742
  • (W) Gerry Duggan (A/CA) Pepe Larraz
  • The HELLFIRE GALA rages on, but bigger things are afoot a world away. Make no mistake - this is an X-Men book drawn by superstar artist Pepe Larraz. It is absolutely the most important issue of the month.
  • 48 PGS./ONE-SHOT/Rated T+
  • In Shops: Jun 16, 2021
  • SRP: $4.99