Blade: Mia Goth Reportedly Still Attached to Marvel Reboot

Goth will join Mahershala Ali in Marvel Studios' reboot.

Marvel's Blade reboot continues to spark a lot of conversation, as fans are curious and a little baffled by its long road towards becoming a reality. A new piece from The Hollywood Reporter, covering the various behind-the-scenes changes that Blade has endured over the years, reveals a bit of insight into exactly who is currently attached to the film outside of star Mahershala Ali. This includes Pearl and Maxxxine star Mia Goth, who was cast in Blade last year, and reportedly still remains among the film's stars. The report confirms rumors that Goth has been attached to play the vampire queen Lilith, indicating that a previous version of the film's script was set in the 1920s, and featured Lilith trying to steal the blood of Blade's daughter. 

The report also confirms that some of Blade's originally-announced cast members, including Aaron Pierre and Delroy Lindo, are no longer involved with the project. Pierre confirmed his departure in an interview earlier this year, while Lindo's involvement remained a bit more ambiguous, although he has since joined the cast of Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan's currently-untitled vampire movie for Warner Bros.

Who Is Marvel's Lilith?

Initially created by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan in 1974's Giant-Size Chillers Featuring The Curse of Dracula #1, Lilith is introduced as the first child of Dracula, born before he was transformed into the legendary monster. After Dracula murdered Lilith's adopted family, she was given elevated vampiric powers — as well as an immunity to sunlight and other vampiric totems — to get revenge on her father. Over the years, Lilith is able to die and be reborn, with her essence assuming control of a woman wanting to kill Dracula. Her most recent host is a widow named Angel O'Hara, but they were later granted the ability to operate in separate bodies. Lilith has towed the line between villain and antihero, even joining Nick Fury's Howling Commandos at one point.

A newer version of Lilith, an immortal goddess controlling all demons, was created by Howard Mackie and Andy Kubert in 1992's Ghost Rider #28. She has been a more straightforward antagonist in the Marvel universe, fighting characters like Ghost Rider, Morbius, Doctor Strange, and the Midnight Sons. She was most recently the central antagonist of Marvel's Midnight Suns video game.

Who Is Directing Marvel's Blade?

At the moment, a director for Blade has not been publicly announced, after the recently-confirmed exit of Yann Demange (Lovecraft Country, White Boy Rick). Demange is actually the second director to have officially signed on for Blade, replacing Bassam Tariq following his own exit from the project in September of 2022. According to the reporting, Demange's exit from Blade actually occurred "a while ago", and was described as "entirely amicable."

Marvel Studios veteran Eric Pearson is the most recent writer attached to the Blade script, working from a previous draft from Michael Starbury. At the moment, Blade is still slated for a fall 2025 release date, although there's no telling if and how that could change amid Demange's exit.