Cherry First Trailer Revealed for New Tom Holland Movie by Russo Brothers

Ahead of the release of the highly-anticipated Cherry, filmmakers Anthony and Joe Russo have released the official first look at the upcoming Apple release. You can find the first footage in the player below from the directors' Twitter account. The quick sequence features Tom Holland's character signing up for the U.S. Army. In addition, Russo brothers opened up in an extensive discussion about the film talking about their process for making it. Joe revealed that the decision to make the film came from a saying their mentor, Oscar winner Steven Soderbergh, has espoused which is "make one for them, then one for you." The film also sounds like they're experimenting with their style throughout.

"The approach here was to do something really tonally challenging," Joe Russo told Deadline. "The movie is broken into six chapters and each chapter is shot different with different lenses, different camera techniques, different styles, different music, different performances, and so every chapter was meant to reflect how he felt about that phase of his life. That was the complicated stew that you're referring to, the movie travels quite a distance tonally." Though unconfirmed it seems likely that those chapters are reflected on the For Your Consideration posters for the film which include "Soldier," "Lover," "Student," "Junkie," and "Thief."

"I think it's an Oscar worthy performance," Joe told in April. "I think he is absolutely amazing in it. He gives a gut wrenching performance. What he does to himself emotionally and physically is unbelievable. We haven't a seen an actor in a role like this in a while. The movie spans a decade, complemented by an epic performance. And one that I certainly hope will be in the Oscar conversation."

The Cherry novel is based on the true story of it's author, Nico Walker, who suffered from undiagnosed PTSD after returning home from a military stint in Iraq. He eventually fell into an opioid addiction and started robbing banks. Walker was arrested and convicted in 2011 and was released in 2019.

Holland stars in the film as Walker, and he's joined in the cast by Ciara Bravo, Jack Reynor, Kelli Berglund, Thomas Lennon, Adam Long, Jeff Wahlberg, Michael Gandolfini, and Pooch Hall.


Cherry hits theaters on February 26 and will come available on Apple TV on March 12. What do you think of the first footage from the movie? Sound off in the comments below and let us know!