Clerks 3: Kevin Smith Reveals Movie Takes Place Over the Course of a Month

It's been over 15 years since Kevin Smith's Clerks II hit theatres, and the long-awaited threequel is finally on its way. Last weekend, the director shared the first five minutes of Clerks III at San Diego Comic-Con, and he's been dropping little details on social media ever since the movie went into production. Based on Smith's heart attack experience, the movie will follow Randal Graves (Jeff Anderson) after he survives his own brush with death. Randal decides he wants to make a movie, which means Clerks III will be the first of the trilogy that doesn't take place in mostly one day. Yesterday, Smith took to Instagram to explain one of the shirts seen in the film (fans of the original Clerks will remember the Chewlies gum salesman) and reveal the timeline of the movie. 

"This is the Chewlies t-shirt Randal is wearing when he has his heart attack in the new @clerksmovie. I started feeding my #fatmanbeyond poster Picasso @thedarknatereturns t-shirt ideas to design a year before we started shooting. Clerks and Clerks II mostly took place in the span of a day, so one outfit would normally suffice. But the story of Clerks III spans at least a month – so we needed full wardrobes for our characters this time around. And for Randal (and Jay), that meant many different t-shirts.
When I collaborate with Nate it's pure joy – a) because I ❤️his art, and b) because the end result is always magic like the Chewlies Gum Sucker t-shirt. It sucks not being able to draw; but as long as Nate's around, I'll never need to. See this and many more designs that Randal wears when #clerks3 comes to @fathomevents participating theaters on September 13th & 15th! Or come see Clerks III *with* me when I hit the road and cross the country for THE CONVENIENCE TOUR! Tickets now on sale at the link in my bio above! We're adding cities every other week, so if you don't see yours yet, no worries: I'll be touring Clerks III from September to December," Smith wrote. You can check out his post below:

In addition to Anderson, many staples from Clerks and Clerks II are expected to appear in the new movie, including Brian O'Halloran (Dante Hicks), Rosario Dawson (Becky), Trevor Fehrman (Elias), Jason Mewes (Jay), and Smith (Silent Bob). The trailer featured some exciting cameos appearances including a glimpse at longtime Smith collaborator, Ben Affleck. The two creatives worked together on MallratsChasing AmyDogma, and more until they had a falling out. After not speaking for ten years, they reunited when Affleck made a cameo in Jay & Silent Bob Reboot in 2019. Smith recently revealed on Instagram that Affleck will not be playing any of the characters he portrayed in Smith's previous movies in Clerks III

Clerks III is coming to select theatres on September 13th and 15th. You can get tickets for The Convience Tour here