Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Funko Pop Wave Includes Mini Moments and Hogwarts Pop Town


It's hard to believe, but it's been 20 years since Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone hit theaters. Expect to see a lot of celebrations by the end of the year - starting with a new 4K Blu-ray box set and this supermassive wave of new Funko Pops, Potions Class Mini Moments, and Pop Plush. It even includes a Hogwarts Pop Town with Dumbledore!

The new Harry Potter wave of Pops comes as part of Funko's Festival of Fun event that showcases their merch for the 2021 holiday season. However, these releases are focused on the 20th anniversary. Standouts from the common lineup include the first Mini Moments diorama figures in the Harry Potter collection, the first Hogwarts Pop Town, and a Deluxe Pop of Harry pushing the trolley. A Deluxe Hogwarts acceptance letter Pop will be heading to the Funko Shop as an exclusive in the near future and a couple of Diagon Alley Pops have hit Target. There are also a collection of standard Pops and the aforementioned plush. A breakdown is available below along with pre-order links.


Harry Potter Mini Moments Collection - Pre-order at Entertainment Earth / Here at Walmart

  • Professor Snape / Potions Class (Slughorn Chase)
  • Harry / Potions Class (Seamus Finnigan Chase)
  • Ron / Potions Class (Neville Longbottom Chase)
  • Draco / Potions Class (Tom Riddle Chase)
  • Hermione / Potions Class (Cho Chang Chase)

Harry Potter Pop Figures - Pre-order at Entertainment Earth / Here at Walmart

  • Pop Town: Dumbledore with Hogwarts
  • Deluxe: Harry Pushing Trolley
  • Diagon Alley - Ginny with Flourish & Blotts Storefront - Target Exclusive
  • Diagon Alley - The Leaky Cauldron with Hagrid - Target Exclusive
  • Harry With The Stone
  • Hermione With Wand
  • Ron In Devil's Snare

Harry Potter Plush - Pre-order at Entertainment Earth / Here at Walmart

  • Harry
  • Hermione
  • Hagrid
  • Hedwig

Note that Funko released the Harry Potter Pocket Pop Advent Calendar for 2021 yesterday, and it's available to pre-order here at Entertainment Earth. You can keep tabs on all of Funko's Festival of Fun releases right here via our master list.

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