Hugh Jackman Reveals A Holly, Jolly Wolverine

As the Christmas season is well upon us, decorations continue to go up all around the world and [...]

As the Christmas season is well upon us, decorations continue to go up all around the world and those of us with an interest in comics and superheroes no doubt want to combine the two. Hugh Jackman is apparently in the same camp, taking to Twitter to post a photo of his X-Men character Wolverine complete with an appropriately themed hat for the occasion. The image features a bobble-head of his character from one of the earlier films in 20th Century Fox's X-Men series, plus the aforementioned hat, and Jackman had just a two word caption: "Holly. Jolly." Perhaps this is the only time someone would classify Wolverine as those things. Peep the image yourself below!

Though best known for wearing the claws on the big screen, Jackman retired from his life as Wolverine with 2017's Logan. Since then he's been filling his time with his ongoing "feud" with fellow X-Man Ryan Reynolds. Earlier this year Jackman amused their fans by calling a temporary truce in their long-running "feud." They did it for a good cause, supporting the All-In Challenge during the pandemic, though Jackman says his and Reynolds rivalry is far from over. As of late, it's been Reynolds who has been pulling the most hijinks. The Deadpool star pulled a Photoshop invasion of one of Hugh Jackman's recent travel photos and when Jackman launched his new coffee line, Reynolds hijacked the narration of its advertisement.

Ever since Jackman retired from the role, the prospect of someone else playing the character has been a non-stop topic of discussion. This was only amplified by the acquisition of 20th Century Fox and its assets by The Walt Disney Company which brought with it the film rights to the X-Men and the Fantastic Four under Marvel Studios and the director of Marvel president Kevin Feige. Though the later was confirmed this week to be in development as a feature film, Marvel Studios has yet to announce officially that any work on X-Men properties is ongoing.

It was reported earlier this month that Marvel Studios is moving forward with a third Deadpool movie however, but where that film will fall in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and perhaps tie into future X-Men movies is a gigantic question mark. In any event, Jackman has indicated that he is done with the part and that we shouldn't expect to see him suit up again. If recent Spider-Man rumors pan out though, never say never.