James Gunn and Viola Davis Round Up The Suicide Squad for DC FanDome

Out of all the upcoming panels that will be shown at the DC FanDome digital event, The Suicide Squad panel clearly has the most hype behind it. Set to take place at 2:55 pm ET, filmmaker James Gunn has been beating the drum for the event all week and today really double down on the hype for the panel by assembling his squad in a tweet. Gunn tagged all of the cast members that are active on the site, simply writing "Who's stoked for #TheSuicideSquad at #DCFanDome tomorrow?" He got a number of replies from his cast throughout the day but Viola Davis (who plays Amanda Waller) had the best, writing: "I'm in. I'll round up the squad."

Fans have high hopes for The Suicide Squad panel since it's scheduled to run for thirty minutes, one of the longest panels for the entire event. James Gunn previously teased the panel would have " some cool reveals. And more reveals. And, then, if that isn't enough, more reveals." Even today he confirmed that one of those reveals just might be who Idris Elba is playing in the film, something he says he's not seen anyone correctly guess online since his involvement was confirmed.

You can find the official description for DC FanDome below.

"On Saturday, August 22, join fans around the world for a 24-hour show with the biggest stars, filmmakers, and creators from the world of DC. See exclusive content behind the biggest films, TV series, games, and comics. Hear the latest news, be the first to see new footage, and more!"

DC FanDome's Hall of Heroes will kick off with Wonder Woman 1984, featuring Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins and a new look at the film plus a special surprise. In addition to The Suicide Squad, The Batman will be offering up some big news and first looks, as well. Titles such as The Flash, Aquaman 2, Black Adam, and Shazam! 2 will also have their casts and directors on hand to preview what's to come, likely revealing looks in the form of concept art as production has not begun on those titles just yet. The schedule reveal also came with the first official titling of the upcoming Suicide Squad game, officially named Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.


DC FanDome is taking place all day on August 22nd. The Suicide Squad is currently set for release on August 6, 2021.