Jason Momoa Strips Down to Loincloth During Late Night TV Appearance

Jason Momoa stripped down to the bare minimum on Jimmy Kimmel Live! This week. On last night's show, the Slumberland star was promoting the Netflix film, Slumberland. But, the host had to ask him about a fishing video with him reeling the catch in with a Hawaiian Malo on. (For those unaware, it's basically a traditional loincloth, so there's nothing really left to the imagination. When asked if he was wearing it right now, Momoa obliged Kimmel and basically said the audience could see for themselves. The Aquaman star stripped down right then and there, giving the studio attendees a long time to linger on his almost bare behind. It had a lot of people on social media talking because of the staggering visual. If you're wondering how that went, we've got good news! The video is right down below for your enjoyment.

In a recent sit-down with Men's Health, the DC Comics star explained how his diet factored into the wild physique. Genetics have a lot to do with results. But, for Momoa, he couldn't just coast on that frame. The actor had to make some real adjustments and set goals around what projects he was facing at that time!

"Some guys are like genetically ripped and have abs and I don't," Momoa admitted. "I generally don't have a six-pack, which has been my nemesis forever. I've always got a solid four-pack, maybe even a two-pack, and that's all about diet which is challenging for me."

"I found it better for myself to train for things that I love. For instance, rock climbing has always helped me and inspired me. But for Dune, there was a lot of fight choreography, so generally I worked with my stunt team, learning to do different fights and a lot of cardio."

What's Coming Up for Momoa?

Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom is still happening, but it had to be moved back a bit. Due to the VFX crunch around the industry, things had to be adjusted. Everyone involved is excited for the movie to come out and see what fans' reactions to this massive sequel will be. Momoa himself has been rumored to appear in some other DC titles, so it will be interesting to monitor if the king shows up somewhere else before the trip back below the waves.

Here's what Warner Bros. had to say about their upcoming trip back to Atlantis: "Action Adventure. When an ancient power is unleashed, Aquaman must forge an uneasy alliance with an unlikely ally to protect Atlantis, and the world, from irreversible devastation." Joining Momoa this time around are Patrick Wilson (King Orm/Ocean Master), Amber Heard (Mera), and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (David Kane/Black Manta). Randall Park (Dr. Stephen Shin), and Temuera Morrison (Tom Curry). Newcomers to the cast include Jani Zhao (Sentimentos), Indya Moore (Pose), and Vincent Regan (300).

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