Kevin Smith Shares the Story of How He Ended Up Buying Ben Affleck’s House

Kevin Smith and Ben Affleck have a history that dates back to 1995's Mallrats. Since then, the two have worked closely together on Chasing Amy and Dogma followed by Affleck making cameos in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back and Clerks II. The two ended up having a falling out and didn't speak for about ten years, but they reunited last year when Affleck reprised his Chasing Amy role for Jay & Silent Bob Reboot. Yesterday, Smith took to Twitter to share a fun little fact from their intertwined history. It turns out, he currently lives in Affleck's old house, so he shared the story of how that purchase came to be.

"HAPPY 4TH! 19 yrs ago today, @JenSchwalbach & I go to Ben’s house for a BBQ. While touring us through it, Ben tells us he’s looking to move out. Jen whispers 'I want this house.' I said 'You married the wrong guy from Mallrats.' 6 months later, we moved in. Been here ever since," Smith shared. You can check out the post below:

Currently, Smith is working on a sequel to Mallrats, which he's currently calling Twilight of the Mallrats (although, he might change his mind on the title). Back in May, the director revealed that he is writing a part for Affleck, although he's not sure yet if the actor will be on board for the project. "I did the first draft of Twilight of the Mallrats. Everybody who’s on the poster comes back. I said someplace on Twitter, I was answering questions, and I didn’t mention Shannon Hamilton, that was Ben’s character, but Shannon Hamilton’s character comes back. They all come back," Smith told “Whether or not he wants to do it, but right now, Shannon Hamilton’s in the script.”

Smith has also teased the return of Rene (Shannen Doherty), Willam (Ethan Suplee), Gwen (Joey Lauren Adams), Brandy (Claire Forlani), T.S. (Jeremy London), Trish (Renée Humphrey), Mr. Svenning (Michael Rooker), LaFours (Sven-Ole Thorsen), and Jay and Silent Bob (Jason Mewes and Smith). While he didn't list the actors in his post, we have to hope they're on board to reprise their roles. Smith also recently revealed that Evil Dead's Bruce Campbell will be joining the cast of the new Mallrats.

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