Marvel Fans Makes Their Own Infinity Saga 4k Box Set

As fans remember, the completion of Marvel Studios first three "Phases" saw the end of "The Infinity Saga" as the studio branded it. For physical media collectors it presented a unique opportunity, all 23 movies in the saga together in one place and all on 4K Ultra-HD. That was the good news, the bad news was the $549.99 price tag, the Best Buy exclusivity, and that it was a limited edition set that you can't get anymore without paying an arm and a leg. One Marvel fan on knew all this and took it upon himself to make his own set, and frankly it rules.

Reddit user /u/theCoolestGuy599 posted his handiwork in the Marvel Studios subreddit, which you can see in full by clicking here, revealing that he used ideas from previously seen fanmade concept art for the boxset as his base design. Each of the phases are divided into their own slipcases, but finding boxes that would fit the six movies in Phases 1 and 2 and then the 11 movies in Phase 3 took some work and research into other home media collections.

(Photo: Reddit)

"So getting all P3 films in a single case was tricky, since they don't make Blu-Ray cases that hold more than 10 discs, or 4k cases that hold more than 8 discs," the user wrote. "But I found a way! These specific disc-trays sit flush against each other and use clips to attach onto others. So they are easily expandable and collapse down nice and compact... But where do you find these? This right here is the answer. This now Out of Print version of the 4k Transformers collection is the only 4k boxset that naturally holds 10 discs and uses the clip-trays. The problem is this boxset only holds 10 discs... so I had to buy a 2nd one to steal one of the clip-trays."

Never let it be said that Marvel fans won't find a way to show off their love for the series!


The original Infinity Saga Collector's Edition set included all 23 MCU on both 4K ULTRA HD & BLU-RAY disc, bringing it to 46 discs total. In addition it featured 4 Bonus Discs including The Infinity Saga Bonus Disc Lithograph by Matt Ferguson, An ‘The Infinity Saga’ poster, and Thank You Letter from Kevin Feige.

After announcing the ongoing Phase Four at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 it's unclear if Marvel will continue to release big box sets like this in the future, especially while half of the stories in each phase are Disney+ original series.