Spider-Man: Live-Action Miles Morales Gets Rumored Update

Sony might be currently casting its live-action Miles Morales.

Over the past decade, Miles Morales / Spider-Man has risen to a unique prominence in the superhero space — and a new rumor might shed light on his long-awaited live-action debutDuring a recent appearance on The Hot Mic, Jeff Sneider claimed that Sony Pictures has begun the process of casting a live-action Miles Morales. No other information is available at this time, including which movie this version of Miles could appear in.

One prevalent theory has been that the forthcoming Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse might dip into a live-action universe in some capacity, so that could potentially be a possibility, as well as a standalone movie from Sony pictures or even Marvel Studios' multiversal Avengers: Secret Wars movie.

When Will Miles Morales Appear in Live-Action? 

The topic of Miles Morales making his live-action debut has been talked about at length in recent years, with the cast and crew of Sony's Spider-Man Universe advocating for the character to appear in that context. Spider-Verse producer Amy Pascal has been repeatedly vocal about the possibility, indicating that it would not happen until the conclusion of the current animated Spider-Verse trilogy.

"Someday," Pascal explained earlier this year. "Not until we make two more movies. Someday. Someday. We're very happy doing [the animated Spider-Verse movies]."

What Is Beyond the Spider-Verse About?

Beyond the Spider-Verse is expected to deal with the fallout of the cliffhanger ending of Across the Spider-Verse, with Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) stuck on an alternate universe with a more villainous version of himself (Jharrel Jerome).

"Here's what I can promise, and I said it about the second one when we were in the middle of it: Phil Lord, Chris Miller, everybody, the producers on this, the directors they're going to bring in ... What they did on the first one is all the directors became executive producers. So they just keep adding to it. What I can promise is they are not going to stop until it's excellent," Peter B. Parker actor Jake Johnson confirmed to ComicBook.com. "And if that means it takes a little bit longer, if that means it's even bigger, if that means it's longer -- they don't play by anybody's rules. They work really hard. As actors in it, we're always shocked that we get called in to record on this last one. I think it was a month before it screened, where we could not believe we were still recording. So they're not going to quit until it's great and I have nothing but faith in them. But in terms of giving anything away [about the story], can't do it."

Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse does not currently have a release date.