Star Wars: Guy Fieri Wins May 4th With New Yoda Meme

Shortly after Baby Yoda become a viral sensation after his debut on The Mandalorian last year, Guy Fieri won Twitter by mashing the adorable Star Wars character up with his own trademark frosted tips and goatee. Now, the celebrity chef has waited until National Star Wars Day to double down on the meme. Monday afternoon, Fieri and his social team poked fun at how long the year between now and last May 4th has felt. Reusing the meme from last December, Fieri's team said that was him on May 4, 2019 while a new Yoda meme — still bearing Fieri's likeness — was the chef on May 4, 2020. The difference? Seemingly hundreds of years, the time it's felt it has taken the world to get from last year until now.

If you follow Fieri on social media, you know his feeds are never short of pop culture content. From his own Fortnite Flavortown skin to the perfect Animal Crossing mashup, Fieri has posted something for everyone. Last year, the personality told Esquire that coming up with the next best meme is a constant game between the employees of Flavortown.

"I loved all of the employees of Flavortown," Fieri said. "And, I mean, boy I am bad at the computer. Clip art is about as far as I can go. But my team, we’ll do this back and forth and [coming up with concepts and captions] is this whole game. Everyone is trying to one-up each other. That’s what makes it so fun. And once we started to find our ability to take it even further, it just opened the floodgates. And the fans are having a great time with it."

He added, "It’s not a meme, but I’m trying to get t-shirts made with the knuckle and the sandwich [emojis]. I’ve had a tattoo on my arm of knuckle sandwich for the last 20 years—so I just want the cartoon knuckle and plain Jane sandwich."


Most Star Wars properties are now streaming on Disney+.

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