The Batman to Resume Filming in September

Production on yet another major blockbuster is gearing up to resume as a new report reveals The Batman will go in front of cameras in the near future. According to Variety, The Batman is set to restart production in September, having previously pressed pause on filming as the coronavirus pandemic began to spread. Crews have reportedly been building sets for the film over the past few weeks as the film will totally abandon location shooting in favor of all in studio sets. The trade goes on to report that the film could wrap up before the year closes out as they have "approximately three months of material left to shoot."

A previous report on The Batman restarting production revealed that Warner Bros. is making sure that all of their Is are dotted and their Ts crossed when it comes to on-set safety with regard to the coronavirus. The studio has created an anonymous reporting system in Europe that will allow cast and crew to alert senior management if they witness malpractice regarding coronavirus safety measures.

Despite a delay in production of almost half a year, this extended time away from set hasn't resulted in many changes to The Batman. recently caught up with co-writer Mattson Tomlin who confirmed that the only thing the pandemic has changed about The Batman is its timeline.

"I mean, the movie is the movie, and I think that right now the plan is to just execute that vision," Tomlin told us previously. "They were quite a ways into shooting as it was. And so it really is just how do you finish safely? How do you make sure that everybody can show up for work and then go home and all be okay?"

Before production restarts on The Batman though a brand new first look, or perhaps even footage from the film, is set to be released at DC's Fandome event. A trailer for the virtual DC bonanza was released earlier today and confirmed that we'll be seeing the first look at Matt Reeves The Batman. The official panel for the film will close out the entire event, kicking off at 8:30 PM ET on Saturday, August 22 with Reeves confirmed to attend. Who else from the stacked cast might also appear remains to be seen, but something from the film will be revealed.


As of now, The Batman is still on track to hit theaters on October 1, 2021.