Ray Fisher to Promote Zack Snyder's Justice League Release for HBO Max Despite WarnerMedia Issues

Ray Fisher says that he definitely will be promoting Zack Snyder’s Justice League release for HBO Max. The comments on social media come after the continuing issues with WarnerMedia after their investigation of workplace misconduct on the Justice League set. Now, Fisher has been outspoken with allegations about Joss Whedon, Geoff Johns, and DC Films head Walter Hamada’s involvement with the investigation. In the weeks since the company decided to conclude their efforts, the Cyborg star won’t be in The Flash movie coming up next summer. You might think that these developments would sour Fisher on helping out WarnerMedia. But, when it comes to Snyder, the young star will go out and do his best to help a friend. It is important to note that the director called Fisher the emotional core of his movie, so the relationship is absolutely airtight.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Ray Fisher says he'll be a part of the Snyder Cut press tour. "There's no way you can stop me from doing press for Zack Snyder's Justice League". from r/DC_Cinematic

“There’s no way you can stop me from doing press for Zack Snyder’s Justice League,” he laughed. “Yeah, there’s no way. There’s no way. So, what that all looks like, as far as the logistics and health and how those things get handled? Like I said, I don’t know that just yet. But, I expect that there will be some sort of significant promotion, in some way. I can’t imagine a movie that has been as anticipated as this, not going the distance they can to promote [it.] Unless, there’s something else going on behind the scenes.”

In some longer comments on Twitter, the actor spoke about why he took the stand he did and how he views what was going on with WarnerMedia.

“On December 30th 2020, I made it clear that I cannot—with a clear conscience—participate in any production associated with the current President of DC Films, Walter Hamada,” he continued. “The reasoning behind that declaration was twofold: 1) Walter’s purposeful attempt to undermine the Justice League investigation in order to protect his friend, and former co-president, Geoff Johns. 2) Walter’s attempt to protect himself by contributing to the public dissemination of lies and misinformation about myself and the Justice League investigation in Warner Bros. Picture’ September 4th statement to The Wrap.”


“Bear in mind, Walter Hamada interfering with the Justice League investigation is a completely separate issue than the investigation itself,” Fisher added. “And while Walter’s behavior was not a point of focus for the investigation of the Justice League reshoots, his dangerous and enabling actions during the investigation process must be called to account.”

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