Zack Snyder Teases the "Beautiful Monochrome" Version of Justice League He's Preparing

Today marked the three year anniversary of the release of Justice League's theatrical cut and with it the birth of the "Release the Snyder Cut" movement. With Warnermedia having now committed to doing just that, Zack Snyder debuted a new trailer for his upcoming four hour opus, adding a few shots, removing some others, and even revealing a version of the teaser without any colors at all. As Snyder has said previously, the black and white version of Justice League is his ideal version of the movie, and as he pointed out in his live trailer breakdown, it's one that he's still developing to be released on HBO Max.

"How awesome it is in all of its monochrome glory," Snyder said of the trailer. "For a long time the movie lived with me in what I would call on my computer. And it was the way I watched the movie for two years or whatever, in black and white. Actually, it was black and white that I had to sort of create myself. So it wasn't as rich as this. And I look forward to coloring the entire movie professionally in a really rich and beautiful monochrome and being able to do all the little tricks, printing tricks that I love. So we'll see that, I feel like as we develop this, it'll even be even more custom. So that's exciting."

It seems incredibly likely that both versions of Zack Snyder's Justice League will be available to stream on HBO Max (the color and "monochrome" versions); especially since it seems very unlikely that the studio will have agreed to release the film and even put up millions of dollars for additional photography with the knowledge that only a black and white cut will be present. If Snyder has his way though the film won't just live on streaming though as he has hopes to screen it in theaters eventually as well.

"I love the movies, I love the theatrical experience, I'm a huge advocate. If it's possible I would love there to be a theatrical component to Justice League," Snyder said while appearing on Ping Pong Flix. "It's a little above my pay grade as far as distribution. The reality is the way distribution works, Warner Bros. and HBO Max they have to make deals with all these different territories and there's this super complicated process of how they sell the movie. But barring that and with any kind of luck, in places where maybe HBO Max doesn't exist or something like that, there might be an opportunity to grab some IMAX screens."

There's no word yet on when Zack Snyder's Justice League releases on HBO Max, but the project is supposed to hit the streamer sometime in 2021