Agents of SHIELD: Clark Gregg Talks Season 7’s Time Tavel, Reveals Possible Trip to 1980s

The seventh and final season of Agents of SHIELD premieres next week and, based on the trailers and clips, begins with the team in 1931. We know the show will also travel to the time of Agent Carter considering Enver Gjokaj will be reprising his role as Daniel Sousa from the short-lived series. Based on Mack's (Henry Simmons) Rambo vibes in the full trailer and Deke's (Jeff Ward) Karate Kid look in the poster, there's been speculation that the agents will also be making a stop in the 1980s. In a recent interview with Variety, Clark Gregg, who plays Phil Coulson, talked about the upcoming time travel and confirmed our suspicions about the '80s.

"I think since we revealed there is the crossover with the wonderful Agent Carter show with the wonderful and classy Enver Gjokaj as Agent Sousa, I think we can say that, man, we get into some cool ’50s stuff. I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t also end up in the ’80s, and that might not even be all of the time periods," Gregg teased. "We might explore the comic book tropes of those times, some of the cinematic tropes of those times, you know what I mean? You can’t go to the ’50s without feeling a little noir here and there. Everybody really pulled out all the stops and really made the most out of each of these time periods. There are some episodes that are tremendously fun, and others that are really scary and dark, and always with this mystery of these Chronicoms trying to undo parts of history."

Gregg also shared what it was like traveling back in time for the show's final season: "We’ve gone into the future a lot in the show, but at the end of Season 6 we suddenly see the Empire State Building under construction. [I thought,] 'OK, this is gonna mean some cool costumes and perhaps cool weapons' — and it’s turned out to be so much more. Really, I think they thought the show was kind of maybe done at the end of Season 5. The finale episode was called 'The End' and Coulson was going off to live out his few remaining days in Tahiti. And then when they found out there was going to be these two 13-episode seasons, I think they really are pulled out all the stops and decided to have just as much fun as possible."

Agents of SHIELD returns on May 27th.