Agents of SHIELD: Ming-Na Wen Reveals Her Favorite Fight Scene

Agents of SHIELD is coming to an end after the current season, which means much of the cast has [...]

Agents of SHIELD is coming to an end after the current season, which means much of the cast has been reminiscing about their time on the show. Recently, Ming-Na Wen (Agent May) has shared what she's learned from playing the character and talked about the Philinda ship. In a recent interview with Looper, Wen also revealed her favorite fight scene from the series. Despite the fact that Wen has had countless badass scenes, we weren't at all surprised by the actor's answer.

"I know that I'm very capable because I've had a lot of training in dance and in different forms of martial arts," Wen explained. "But this was really the biggest training for me, working on this show. I mean, learning how to do stunt fighting is an art form in itself." The training definitely paid off for Wen, who has an array of excellent fight scenes. However, her favorite is from "Face My Enemy," which is the same for most fans. "The May versus May fight," Wen revealed when asked her favorite, adding, "which everybody else loved too."

We sure do! In case you forgot, the scene features May battling Agent 33, who is wearing a mask of May's face, meaning it was Wen going up against herself. The moment is such a fan-favorite that the newest episode of the series, "A Trout in the Milk," featured a clip from the fight during the epic 1970s-style opening credits. You can watch the clip in the video above.

During the interview, Wen talked more about doing action parts and revealed she almost quit taking on the roles back in the '90s. "In college, I studied Shakespeare. I mean, we were all into the theater and plays," Wen explained. "The only thing that we would do would be like stage combat and dance and the kind of physical aspect of acting." She added, "After I did Street Fighter, I had said to myself, 'You know what? I'm never going to go and do action again.' Because at that time I was young. I wanted to be a serious actor."

Thankfully, Wen learned that action and good acting can go hand-in-hand, which she's proven during her seven seasons on Agents of SHIELD. In fact, this season has been especially challenging for the performer. After briefly dying, May returned from her battle with Izel in another realm unable to feel her own emotions.

Agents of SHIELD airs Wednesday nights on ABC at 10 PM EST.