American Horror Story Season 10 Delayed Until 2021

After series co-creator Ryan Murphy publicly opined on changing the season to a different story entirely, FX has announced that the tenth season of American Horror Story has been delayed. The new batch of episodes was originally scheduled to debut this fall but will instead arrive in 2021 on the cable network. This will mark the first year since the series debuted in 2011 where new episodes have not aired. Though the theme for the new season was never officially confirmed, Murphy previously confirmed that their idea for the season was "weather-dependent," lending credence to theories about its setting.

Fans won't be entirely without the spooky franchise though as a spin-off anthology series titled American Horror Stories has been ordered by FX. The new series will tell one-episode stories that stand completely on their own, allowing for even more of creator Ryan Murphy's ideas to make it onto the screen. Murphy first revealed that he'd been working on American Horror Stories when he posted about a Zoom call with the core AHS cast.

The tenth season of American Horror Story will see the franchise return of Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters, having been absent from last year's AHS: 1984 despite appearing in every previous season. They'll be joined in the new season by fellow returning cast members Kathy Bates, Leslie Grossman, Billie Lourd, Adina Porter, Lily Rabe, Angelica Ross, and Finn Wittrock. Newcomers to the tenth season will include former child star Macaulay Culkin, who reportedly has an "insane" role in the season.

Murphy's previous comments about American Horror Story season 10 along with previously mentioned clues about the season have stirred speculation that it will either focus on a beach lifestyle story or perhaps even life on a deserted island. When he announced the cast for the new season Murphy tagged his teaser image with "Things are beginning to wash up on shore...", coupled with the quote about a "weather-dependent" it seems like some fun in the sun is in store for hte cast.

The writer/director of the series also teased the return of the fan-favorite "Rubber Man" to the series, but in retrospect it's unclear if that tease was meant for the tenth season of American Horror Story or perhaps an upcoming standalone episode of the new spin-off series. The Rubber Man, an evil spirit that was mostly bound to the "Murder House" from the first season, has become one of the fan favorite monsters from the series, even appearing again in Season 8 aka "Apocalypse."