Community Movie: Donald Glover In Talks According to Dan Harmon

It was announced last week that the long-awaited Community movie is finally happening. Fans of the sitcom could not be happier, especially since most of the cast is returning. The Peacock film is set to see the return of Joel McHale, Danny Pudi, Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, Jim Rash, and Ken Jeong. In the original announcement, three big names were missing from the list: Donald Glover, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Chevy Chase. While it's very unlikely Chase will return (he was killed off after leaving during the show's fourth season), fans are holding out hope that Brown and Glover will be involved. When the news broke, Brown did tweet about it, and it seems like she's excited to return. As for Glover, Community creator Dan Harmon recently provided an update while speaking with Variety.

"I think that Donald is coming, based on word of mouth, but it's just the deal isn't official or wasn't official. It would be difficult to really commit to doing this thing without Donald," Harmon explained. "So I believe he is coming back. I think if there's names missing from a list, it's because the names that are on the list, their deals are agreed upon enough that it's OK to say they are on the list, and anybody that's not on a list, it's just not the case yet. So there is nothing official about anybody being out."  

Who Is Directing the Community Movie?

"There's a director that directed some of my favorite episodes of Community that it would be great to see be able to do the movie," Harmon teased while speaking to Variety. "And that's not even mentioning the Russo Brothers, who I would also love to see come back. But I'm just making the assumption that they're too busy." 

"But we haven't had any official, legitimate conversations with people," Harmon added. "Sony's strategy was, let's make this a project that exists, and then we'll talk about attaching directors. I think they're doing that because, depending on the size of that director, the director could then make the deal more complicated to close. So it's much easier to make sure it's happening and now we can go out to directors and say, would you be interested? But that process hasn't started yet... It also makes it exciting to be able to just announce, 'So-and-so is directing it,' and, 'Now Donald Glover is officially in it for real,' and we can parcel out these announcements.'"


The Community movie is scheduled to be released on Peacock in 2023.