Ahsoka Tano Actress Surprises Fans at Disney Lightsaber Meet-Up

Star Wars fans got the ultimate surprise this Halloween weekend when Ahsoka Tano's original actress, Ashley Eckstein, came out of nowhere. Disney's Hollywood Studios has been trying to make fans feel a bit better with lightsaber meet-ups. The Clone Wars star decided to spread a little joy with her presence out there among the people. Galaxy's Edge was enforcing social distancing and mask use during the event. Safely getting to be among other Star Wars fans would have been enough of a treat on its own. But, then to have one of the people who helped bring these characters to life turn up just sweetens the deal. There has been so much pulling from visitors for the California parks to open up, and it doesn't seem likely with cases spiking across the country. But, for one night, things felt a little bit more like normal. Those fans will have a wild tale to tell now.

On Instagram, Eckstein wrote, "Tonight was a dream! Watch my story to see how we pulled off a surprise, safe, socially distant saber meet-up on Batuu @waltdisneyworld AND we launched Ahsoka Tano's NEW Clone Wars (and color changing!) Legacy Lightsabers at Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities tonight! Plus, I autographed a couple hundred saber cases that you can get now while supplies last! Thank you to all of the amazing cast members and fans who made tonight possible!"

When talk of the character appearing in Star Wars: The Mandalorian first began, the voice actress talked to Comicbook.com about the idea of someone else being Ahsoka. She wanted to say that voice actors of all stripes shouldn't be put into a box.

"So I will say one thing: I read a lot and I've been outspoken about just because I feel like I need to be outspoken for all voice actors," Eckstein says. "Voice acting is acting and some people say, 'Oh well, she's just a voice actress." No, actually Ahsoka was my first voiceover job. I was primarily a film and television actress before I became Ahsoka so I do all sorts of live-action and film and television but the only reason I bring that up is not even for myself. Voice acting is acting and some of the most brilliant actors I've ever met are voice actors. I mean Corey Burton, who is the voice of Count Dooku and Cad Bane, is probably one of the most brilliant actors I've ever witnessed in my life. So I only say that just because I think it's important to speak up for voice actors. We're all actors at the end of the day."

Regardless of that, Eckstein is happy to see the character she helped put on the map getting some live-action shine. "I support anything that Ahsoka's in because it can only bring people goodness and light and hope," she says. "So if it's true I'm excited we get more Ahsoka."


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