Doom Patrol's Diane Guerrero Wants to Be Green Lantern Jessica Cruz

Diane Guerrero may currently be starring as Crazy Jane -- complete with her 64 different [...]

Diane Guerrero may currently be starring as Crazy Jane -- complete with her 64 different personalities -- on DC Universe's Doom Patrol, but the star already has an idea of what DC hero she wants to take on next. During a recent takeover of the series' official Twitter account, a fan asked Guerrero who she'd want to play if she weren't Crazy Jane to which the actress had just one answer: her next character would be Green Lantern Jessica Cruz.

"Jessica Cruz, Green Lantern!" Guerrero wrote. "That's my next DC character, just to put it out there..."

For fans who are unfamiliar, Jessica Cruz first appeared in Justice League #30 in 2014. Created by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver, Jessica is a member of both the Green Lantern Corps and the Justice League and is both Mexican American and Honduran American. Given the versatility that Guerrero has shown bringing Crazy Jane to life on Doom Patrol, it's easy to envision her as a Green Lantern, but she's actually brought the character to life before. Guerrero voiced the character in the 2019 DC animated film Justice League vs. The Fatal Five.

As for Guerrero's current DC role, the actress has been open about how much she loves playing Jane on Doom Patrol even though it means she plays a multitude in one. Guerrero recently explained that she loves Jane because the role allows her to explore a wealth of human emotion in a way that is completely unique but also very real.

"I love my character so much because I get to explore so many human emotions which makes the character so real then the most interesting part is to see how certain superpowers and those attributes fit into the different personas she has inside her and the different emotions that she has so it's such a fun character to play," Guerrero said. "It's so interesting to watch someone sort of have to deal with their own issues right in front of you while having to deal with so many different personalities."

Guerrero shared last year that she also has a strategy for getting into the mindset of each of Jane's many personalities.

"Right from the beginning, I started working with my acting coach on breaking every personality down through movement, through why she needs them or what their main characteristics are," Guerrero said. "Once my body gets in that space, then everything else can follow. I have a notebook, and I have basically every personality there. Whenever one pops up in the script, I can reference my notes and I reference music. I like to think I have a lot of sides to myself that I can easily access at any given moment, like if I feel threatened or if I want something to go a certain way."

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