Falcon and the Winter Soldier Star Emily VanCamp Teases Early 2021 Release Date

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s Emily VanCamp is teasing an early 2021 release date. The actress told PJ Stock a little bit about the series. Now, there’s not a ton to reveal just yet, but VanCamp did mention that the series would be lifting off early in 2021. Fans have missed the Sharon Carter actress as the last few MCU adventures haven’t had much for her to do. Falcon and the Winter Soldier is poised to bring all of those Captain America characters back to the forefront. Baron Zemo will be back as well, and that fact has the fans ready for the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well. WandaVision will come first, but then all eyes will shift to Anthony Mackie and company before Loki hits as well. 2020 has been a rough go of it, but 2021 is already looking up as it relates to entertainment from the comfort of your home.

“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. I don't think they have a release date, cause we had to come back and finish [filming] after lockdown,” she said. (credit to The Direct for transcription) “They're done filming, so they're probably almost done editing at this point. Hopefully, beginning of the year. And, "The Resident" is starting up in January as well, so there might be a lot of me... come January.”

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Fans still don’t completely know what to expect from the series. Daniel Burl’s villain is returning and Sebastian Stan had a slight tease about the tone of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

“It felt like both. In a lot of ways, it felt like a movie. What I loved about it was that, tonally, it was very much in the same world that Captain America: The Winter Soldier was, which was one of my favorite experiences that I’ve ever had, period,” Stan said. “So, in a sense, it was grounded and very much in the world as we know it. But, it’s also really jam-packed with a lot of massive, massive action scenes mixed with deep focus on character. These characters are getting so much more mileage for all of us to explore them. We can put them in situations that we’ve never been able to put them in before because you now have six hours as opposed to two.

Series star Anthony Mackie actually spoke to Jimmy Fallon about how his friendship with Sebastian Stan has evolved. Their bromance has been the talk of social media all summer. But, the honeymoon isn’t over yet as they continue to put the finishing touches on the Disney+ series. Mackie and Stan are making the dream work under very weird circumstances.


"When we were shooting Winter Soldier, he had this awful wig on, and literally in the middle of scenes they would have to cut because the wig would fall off or fall down," Mackie explained. "So I would make fun of his wig, and he would make fun of my calves -- because that's my bone of contention, growing my calves. Once I realized I could give him junk, and he could give me junk, we were cool."

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