Jaimie Alexander Teases Lady Sif's Marvel Return for 2021

After a year that felt like a decade, it's finally 2021 and making it to the new year felt like no easy task so it's no surprise that many folks marked the end of 2020 with an attitude of kicking the old year to the curb. That includes Marvel star Jaimie Alexander. The Lady Sif actress shared her sendoff of the old year to Instagram on Thursday with a pair of screen shots of the Asgardian warrior kicking an Airstream RV out of the way back during the first season of Marvel's Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. in a post that sums up a lot of fan feelings about sending off 2020 and leaves them hoping for more from the character in 2021.

Fans of Lady Sif already know that they will get more of Alexander's fan-favorite character in 2022 thanks to a report in early December that the character will return to the silver screen in Taika Waititi's Thor: Love and Thunder. Her appearance in that film will mark her return to the Thor franchise, having appeared in both Thor and Thor: The Dark World. She was absent for Thor: Ragnarok due to her filming schedule for NBC's Blindspot.

But while we know she's returning for Thor: Love and Thunder, production on that film is just now getting underway in earnest for that 2022 release. The best shot for fans to get a Lady Sif return in 2021 is the Disney+ series, Loki. While nothing has officially been confirmed, there have been reports that Alexander may reprise her role for the Tom Hiddleston-starring series. Alexander herself may have even teased her return for Loki during an Instagram Live in 2020, though she kept things very vague, perhaps minding the secrecy that Marvel is notorious for.

"Yes, once upon a time I was able to do that and I might have to do that again in the future so hopefully I haven't lost that gift," Alexander said after a joke about being back in the saddle. "What am I working on now? I do wish I could tell you, but I would probably cease to exist, don't you think, if I actually told what I have coming up, so I can't tell you guys but thanks for asking anyway!"

If Alexander does return as Lady Sif for Loki, fans will have to wait to see exactly how it all factors in. Right now, we know very little about the plot of Loki, save for Marvel having described the series as a crime drama. We also don't yet have a firm release date for the series, but it's expected sometime in 2021.


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