New The Simpsons Funko Pops Come From Ancient Rome

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Funko could have gone in any direction with their new wave of Pop figures based on The Simpsons (a new Treehouse of Horror wave would have made sense right now), but they chose to focus on the 686th episode "I, Carumbus" for some reason. That said, if you're a fan of The Simpsons and Ancient Rome, then these are the Pop figures for you.

In the episode, The Simpsons visit a museum exhibit based on Ancient Rome, where they hear a tale about Obeseus the Wide from a curator. Naturally, the Simpsons take on the roles of characters in the story - Obeseus (Homer), Bartigula (Bart), Lisandra (Lisa), Marjora (Marge), and Emperor Montimus (Mr. Burns). The common Funko Pop figures in this Simpsons wave are based on these characters, and pre-orders are live here at Entertainment Earth and here on Amazon now. The lone exclusive in this wave is Buff Homer, which is an Amazon exclusive that you can pre-order here while it lasts

Meanwhile, The Simpsons Funko Pop that everyone has been waiting for - Stupid Sexy Flanders - was leaked as a New York Comic-Con 2021 exclusive a couple of weeks back. The figure was delayed, and will likely turn up at a future Con event - stay tuned.

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