Star Wars: The Clone Wars Creator Doubts We'll Get More of the Series

Following its unexpected cancellation in 2013, Star Wars: The Clone Wars fans were finally given a [...]

Following its unexpected cancellation in 2013, Star Wars: The Clone Wars fans were finally given a final season of the series earlier this year, with creator Dave Filoni doubting that we'll ever get more adventures set in this timeline and featuring these characters, at least as far as him having any involvement in such a project is concerned. When the series was initially cancelled, Filoni made it clear that there were many more stories he wanted to tell, though Lucasfilm has been deeming these latest adventures as being the "final season" since it was announced back in 2018, which had led fans to wonder if the narrative could somehow be expanded as interest among fans has been renewed.

"I don't know. Personally for me, probably not," Filoni shared with Nerdist about the series possibly earning more adventures. "I have a lot of things I'm excited that we're doing looking forward. I think it's hard because I so appreciate the fan support, and I appreciate just how excited everybody was that we were back. I understand them wanting more and more episodes. The people that worked on it — myself and the team, basically all the leads — they were on the original run and I think it shows. We're really thankful we got to finish it. But I also think creatively, you always want to move forward."

He added, "I think you could get stuck in a situation where suddenly we're doing all these stories again, but where is the ending? I don't want that feeling. I want you to feel like this had a purpose and it rounded out and let's find something new that's exciting. We've got to look forward a bit here, but boy that was really satisfying to get to do. I can't even tell you how grateful we all are that people were there for it to watch and support it. Disney+ supported us greatly to get this done. It was a great effort by everybody that understood what Clone Wars meant to people. It feels good. I'm glad it's done."

Almost immediately after news broke that the series wouldn't be renewed by Cartoon Network, fans started #SaveTheCloneWars campaigns on social media. While the series was ultimately saved, knowing the number of adventures that had been teased for the series over the years that didn't make it into the final season birthed #FinishTheCloneWars campaigns that hoped for those unseen stories to be revived.

Currently, there is no Star Wars animated TV series debuting new episodes, despite it being a medium that has been a staple for the franchise. Various rumors have teased that a Star Wars Rebels sequel series could be in the works, but nothing official has been announced.

Stay tuned for details on Star Wars animation.

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