Star Wars: The Clone Wars Finale Sets Up Darth Vader's Clash With Ahsoka

Star Wars: The Clone Wars' finale sets up Darth Vader's clash with Ahsoka Tano down the line. It's an emotional episode that does its best to tee up the beats that have to happen in the timeline. Anakin Skywalker must be overcome with darkness. Ashoka has to have the final straw that completely turns her away from her master. Darth Maul must mysteriously vanish, and it all has to be tied up quickly. Order 66 is heavy and the characters are all feeling the weight of that fateful day. Jesse ends up accusing Commander Rex of treason, and that would be the proverbial match that starts the entire wildfire.

Jesse says, "Commander Rex, you're in violation of Order 66, I accuse you of treason against the Republic. You'll be demoted in rank from Commander and subject to execution along with the traitor Ahsoka Tano."

When Ahsoka asks Rex if he's ready, he quips that he didn't much like being a Commander anyway. Then the bottom literally falls out from under their enemies. While scores of them plummet, Rex tosses Ahsoka her sabers and then, it's go time. They put up quite a fight as the former Jedi is pushing soldiers into the abyss with surprising speed.

Meanwhile, Darth Maul is making his way to the hyperdrive room with great haste. These poor Clone Troopers stand absolutely no chance against him as he shows off the skills that make him such a deadly encounter in previous movies and appearances. The force push to make one of the soldiers fire on his own teammate and then send him rocketing into the unknown is a particular highlight. Maul then causes the hyperdrive generators to fail with his force powers. It's too late to stop what's coming and all the officers on the ship's bridge brace for impact.

Ashoka lays all the fallen Clones to rest as she appears with the shawl associated with her look in Star Wars Rebels. In a somber moment, the former Jedi looks down at the lightsaber in her hand pensively before letting it fall to the ground. Later, in the icy conditions of the future, Darth Vader trudges towards the exact same scene. It's unclear that's where they are, but it is soon revealed by Vader picking up the same saber in the snow. The last lingering shot of the series is Vader's silhouette reflected in the discarded helmet.

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