Superstore Series Finale: NBC Passes on Bo & Cheyenne Spinoff

Superstore network NBC is not moving forward with the announced Bo & Cheyenne spin-off about the [...]

Superstore network NBC is not moving forward with the announced Bo & Cheyenne spin-off about the young parents and married couple played by Johnny Pemberton and Nichole Sakura. As the Justin Spitzer-created workplace comedy wrapped up its sixth and final season, which saw the departure of star and executive producer America Ferrera, NBC put the Bo & Cheyenne spin-off into scripted development with writers and Superstore co-executive producers Bridget Kyle and Vicky Luu. According to Deadline, who broke the news in December, the spinoff would follow the young couple as they "balance their big dreams with the harsh realities of being a blue-collar family in America."

Ahead of the Superstore series finale on Thursday, "All Sales Final," Pemberton appeared to reveal the Bo & Cheyenne spin-off was dead when he wrote on Instagram that the episode would be the "final appearance ever of your boy, Bo 'The Truth' Thompson." Kyle, an executive story editor and writer on Superstore since its second season in 2016, confirmed on Friday that NBC will not be moving forward with the spin-off.

"Unfortunately, yesterday NBC notified us that they're not going forward with the Superstore spinoff," Kyle told "So, it will just have to live on in our hearts and on my hard drive."

Sakura, a Superstore series regular who played sales associate-turned-Cloud 9 Floor Supervisor Cheyenne, told TheWrap this week that she was "hopeful" Bo & Cheyenne would move forward with possible appearances from Cheyenne's former co-workers.

"We're still waiting to hear if that's gonna happen or not, but … I've gotten to read the pilot script, and it's really funny," Sakura said in an interview published ahead of Superstore's two-part sendoff on Thursday. "So hopefully we'll get made and can bring back some of the Superstore cast to pop into that and still be part of this same world. I'm just remaining hopeful, but stay tuned."

"All Sales Final" ended with Cheyenne and best friend Mateo (Nico Santos), both out of a job after the Cloud 9 store's closure, hired by former store manager Glenn (Mark McKinney) to work in his Sturgis & Sons hardware store. Superstore showrunner Gabe Miller told TheWrap that the scene was not related to Bo & Cheyenne, which was still in the "pretty early stages."

Superstore has been "one of the best experiences of my entire life," Pemberton, who appeared as wannabe rapper Bo across 16 episodes since the show's first season, wrote on Instagram. "Everyone [on] the show is completely amazing, on and off camera, even ben feldman. but i have to give an extra special acknowledgement to Nichole Sakura AKA Cheyenne Tyler Lee, for being the baddest bitch in the game for 6 seasons!!"

Sakura also said farewell to Superstore on Instagram, writing: "I will miss it, but the most magical part is that I can revisit it anytime, and so can you." All six seasons of Superstore are now streaming on Hulu.