The Boys Fan Rescued Man from Burning Home While Dressed as Homelander on Halloween

Imagine that your house is on fire and you're trapped, someone bursts inside to save you but it's not Superman or Captain Ameirca, it's the murderous Homelander from Amazon's The Boys. That very thing happened to someone in Greenville, Ohio on Halloween. As reported by WTHR (H/T Screen Rant), local man Chris Taylor was walking with his family to a party on October 31 while dressed as the maniacal supe from the Garth Ennis comic series (his wife also happened to be dressed like Starlight from the same series) when he noticed a nearby house with flames pouring out of it.

"There's a show on Amazon Prime called 'The Boys.' I love it," Taylor said in an interview. "We took the alley. First time ever. And we pull up to the alley and I look back there's flames coming out of the house and the whole upstairs was consumed, flames were just pouring out it was pretty gnarly. I yelled as loud as a I can is anybody in here real loud and I heard, if someone was to get hit in the sternum how you kind of sound like you're losing your wind I heard a sound like that; kind of a moaning, wispy sound. There were flames around and just inches from me; my costume was getting hot I felt like I was melting; I couldn't breathe the smoke was real, real heavy. I feel like I should keep the costume just so I can always remember like this is who you are. You're somebody who's going to help people if they need it."

Though the cause of the fire itself still remains a mystery, the person saved by Taylor is reportedly okay after the incident and even refused medical treatment on the scene.

Played by New Zealand actor Antony Starr in the hit series, the character has become a fan favorite since he the series debuted last year, largely due to Starr's performance but also for how it shows a Superman-like character fall to the pressures of his own heroism and slowly go mad Series creator Eric Kripke mentioned earlier this year he and his writer's room are doing what they can to break the character down from the inside out, considering his seeming invulnerable body.

"At the moment there aren't many physical ones, but there's so many psychological ones that that's what we kind of lean to," Kripke said when asked if Homelander could be killed in the series. "Anthony has said many times, and I agree, that Homelander is the weakest character in the show. So we've never really gotten into the 'How do you stop him physically?' But there are a lot of ways to stop him psychologically."


"He finds his human vulnerability so hateful and he hates that part of him and he tries to subsume it, and yet it is part of who he is," he added. "And so he hates a part of him that he can't ultimately control, and so that kind of leads to a snake's nest of psychoses. At the moment, that is his current weakness."

Both seasons of The Boys are now streaming on Amazon Prime with season three set to begin production in the first part of 2021.