The Boys: Hughie and Starlight's Relationship Gets Major Change in Season 2

Potential spoilers ahead for the second season of The Boys! Proceed with caution if you want to go into this season completely spoiler-free. The first episodes are available now!

The second season of The Boys kicks off a few weeks after the cliffhanger ending of the first batch of episodes, and with it comes a new status quo for many of its characters. One of the biggest differences is the relationship between Jack Quaid's Hughie and Erin Moriarty's Starlight. Though the pair could still be described as "star crossed lovers," their meet ups have to come undercover and in secret, with only a few hints of romance remaining. As the first episode of season two begins, Hughie, now on the run from the government and Vought, meets up with Annie, still living in Seven Tower and playing the part of a starlet.

The pair make contact in the season two premiere on a subway since Annie has a tracking device from Vought and Hughie remains paranoid. He bugs her multiple times about snapping the simcard in her cellphone and brushes off her worries over his precautions by saying, "I'm wanted and you're kind of super famous." As the scene continues though we see their relationship is now functioning in more of an espionage capacity, as Annie is feeding Hughie information from the inside while also chasing after leads that The Boys need her to investigate with one of her first targets being a supe named Gecko.

Even when things become tense between them however, they both default back to caring about the other like they used to. Annie tells Hughie at one point, "Get some sleep," with Hughie replying, "I'll get some sleep when I know you're safe."


Originally set to debut tomorrow, Amazon Prime video released the first three episodes of The Boys season two early. The remaining five episodes of season two will drop weekly on Amazon afterward, culminating in the season two finale premiering on Friday, October 9 (assuming another surprise drop doesn't happen). Though the first season dropped all at once last year, Amazon has a chance to create some appointment television for its streaming service not unlike The Mandalorian.

The series has also already been renewed for a third season but due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic it's unclear when it will be able to shoot, resulting in the cast for the series releasing a a dire warning for those eager to see their adventures continue: Wear a mask.