The Resort Stars Reflect on the Challenges of Peacock's New Mystery Series

The new Peacock series The Resort fails to be defined by just one genre, as it delves into the worlds of romantic comedy, true crime, adventure, thriller, and drama, making for an entirely unique experience. Additionally, the film unfolds in two different timelines, with its opening confirming that Violet (Nina Bloomgarden) and Sam (Skyler Gisondo) have experienced a mysterious and potentially deadly conclusion years ago, inspiring not only viewers to pry into their fate, but also characters in the present day. The pair recently reflected on the gifts and obstacles of such a narrative. The Resort is now streaming on Peacock.

"I think her fate has to do with a lot of what she's going after, which you learn early on. So that was extremely helpful," Bloomgarden shared with about the role. "And then I think the most important bits for me were to know more about Violet and future episodes, just so I could craft her at the get-go. I think [creator] Andy [Siara] provided that with that outline and with scripts. But yeah, I mean, we've been talking like it's interesting doing something like this because you don't want to know the end, because your character doesn't know the end. And then within that, you don't really want to know the other timelines for the same reason, because you don't know if they even exist."

The series is described, "A multi-generational, coming-of-age love story disguised as a fast-paced mystery about the disappointment of time. An anniversary trip puts a marriage to the test when the couple finds themselves embroiled in one of the Yucatan's most bizarre unsolved mysteries that took place fifteen years prior."

As far as the elements of the project that most appealed to him, Gisondo pointed out that he was on board with the concept almost immediately, based solely on the other creators involved in the project.

"I think honestly, on some level, forgetting the minute I got sent the project and just before even read anything, seeing who was behind it. It was just a bunch of heavy hitters, and people whose stuff I was a big fan of," the actor detailed of the moment he got hooked on the project. "I really liked things Andy had written. I was a big Ben Sinclair fan for a long time. So immediately I was just excited. And then, yeah, just from the pilot episode, and then Andy sent an outline of thematically what he hoped to explore, and just an open-ended couple of pages on what the core of the show would be. It just sounded really cool to be a part of. It was funny on the page and it was exploring some really interesting themes, and it was a no-brainer from the start."

The first three episodes of The Resort are now streaming on Peacock, with new episodes debuting weekly.

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