Umbrella Academy Stars Speak Out on Season 3 Surprises

Production on the third season of The Umbrella Academy has been ongoing for a couple of months [...]

Production on the third season of The Umbrella Academy has been ongoing for a couple of months now, long enough that the stars have an idea of what they can tease for the next batch of episodes. Speaking during a Netflix panel, star Tom Hopper said that the camaraderie between the cast had lead to an ease while filming. "I've enjoyed reading the scripts so much this year and also as we're doing scenes," Hopper said. "I think it's also because we all know each other so well now and we know the characters so well, we know each other's characters so well...and cause the words on the page are great already so it's just a lot of fun."

Emmy Raver-Lampman added that the new additions to the cast, playing the alternate universe "Sparrow Academy," saying they bring a different dynamic to the series. "I think this is the first season reading it on paper that I can't predict where it's going," she added. "We know a little bit going into it from Steve and he gives us like broad strokes of what happens. But he's been very secretive but also the twsits and turns that this season is already taking on paper. I actually have no idea what's going to happen at the end, that's the first time being in it and filming and not knowing what the end goal is. It's great, I'm here for it.

Co-star Justin H. Min also opened up about his emotional "final" scene in the second season where the ghostly version of his character disappeared, saying when he read that scene he thought that was truly the end for his time in the series. Naturally we now know Min will appear as "Sparrow Ben" in season three,xx

"It's a different Ben, it's a very different Ben than the Ben that we know. We're getting a sense of maybe not the nicest guy and it really sets us up for a really exciting season three. I almost felt like I was on a different show (filming the final scene of season two). It was also surreal because I was able to make eye contact with everyone for the first time."

There's no clear indication of when the new season will premiere on Netflix or when the next batch of comics will release, but series showrunner Steve Blackman previously told in an exclusive interview it's not their goal to ever surpass the comics as they now navigate being in Game of Thrones territory.