Umbrella Academy Stars Robert Sheehan & Justin Min on Costume Jealousy in Season 2

With the return of The Umbrella Academy and their new season, fans are eager to see more of Robert Sheehan's Klaus and Justin Min's Ben. The pair find themselves in a precarious situation as Klaus creates and leads a new-age cult in the 1960s, but there's still plenty of time for sibling rivalry, and that extends to the actors on set. A pattern you'll quickly notice in the new season is that Klaus has an eclectic wardrobe that can change from scene to scene, and that Ben....wears his trademark black leather jacket, black pants, and black shirt (he's a ghost after all). This was a source of envy for min on the set.

"I was only jealous because of the breathiness of the clothes," Min told us in an exclusive interview. "We shot in the dead of summer. This time around and black on black on black on black isn't the best color to wear when it's blazing hot outside. So, I was jealous of that, but, but he did also have a few layers for some of them as well. So, we were both suffering quite a bit for some of our scenes and just sweating buckets."

Sheehan had a similar memory about the heat though, asking Min: "Do you remember as well the sunblock that we were wearing? I remember on the first take of that, that scene where the car breaks down by the side of the road. First take and that sunblock, which had been inching towards my eyes obviously for the last couple of hours, decided in the middle of the take to blind both. I went, "Ahhhh, what the is that?!" in the middle of a first take.

Min added, "What's really interesting is I just thought you were improvising. So, I was just rolling with it."

As we said, the dynamic duo of Klaus and Ben remains a top-tier reason some fans are hyped about the return of the Netflix series. The love and adoration for this pair is one of the strongest among Umbrella Academy fans, but for Sheehan that love is something best kept out of sight and out of mind while working.


"That's a tricky one now...You can't be kind of absorbing too much of that up for fear that your ego will swell up to the size of the garden shed," the actor told us "And then we've got one eye on their opinion, their imaginary illusory opinion, which you can't know and then it starts to F with the natural process. So, I think there's, there's an element of mental gymnastics in order to kind of keep that where it should be, which is offset, frankly."

Set to premiere on Netflix on Friday, July 31, The Umbrella Academy season two also stars Tom Hopper, David Castañeda, Aidan Gallagher, Ellen Page, and Emmy Raver-Lampman.