American Gladiators Reboot In The Works From WWE And MGM

WWE and MGM are working on an American Gladiator reboot. The 1989 competition series has many different offspring on television screens now. But, Mark Burnett is working on this series according to a Deadline report. They're hoping that this project can take on a similar trajectory to Holey Moley, Titan Games, and American Ninja Warrior. WWE has been really busy when it comes to larger entertainment. Escape The Undertaker is coming soon from Netflix. Bill Simmons of The Ringer is also helping create a documentary series about WWE owner Vince McMahon. So, there's just a full-on chokehold from the wrestling promotion. Let's not forget the ESPN 30-for-30 about the original American Gladiators. So, there's a lot going on. Back in 2008, they tried to reboot the show with Hulk Hogan and Laila Ali hosting.

During the WWE's quarterly investors' call, one person closed the question period by asking if "the rising tide lifts all ships?" This was a direct comparison to the "Monday Night Wars" between WWF and WCW in the late 90s. It's not exactly surprising that Mr. McMahon did not see AEW on that level quite yet.

"Well it's certainly not a situation with rising tides, that was when Ted Turner was coming at us with all of Time Warner's assets. That was a different situation. AEW is where they are," McMahon explained. "I don't know what their plans are, I only know what our plans are. I don't consider them competition in the way I would consider WCW back in the day. Not anywhere near close to that. I'm not so sure what their investments are as far as their talent is concerned, but perhaps we can give them some more."

Blumhouse is working with WWE on a limited series as well. Here's a description of that project.

"The United States of America Vs. Vince McMahon, will be the first-ever scripted dramatic portrayal of a chapter in WWE's history. Additionally, it is also the first scripted portrayal of McMahon as well as many of the legendary Superstars of that era. The show will delve into WWE during the 1990s, at the time Rupert Murdoch had purchased the New York Post to further his massive infiltration into the U.S. media landscape."


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