Bianca Belair Shares Eye Injury Photo From WrestleMania 38

Bianca Belair finally conquered Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 38 on Saturday night to win the Raw Women's Championship, but she wasn't able to pull it off without walking away with a nasty-looking injury. She shared a photo of herself from the morning after with her left eye swollen shut, a result of Lynch accidentally kicking her square in the face. She still appeared backstage for Night Two of WrestleMania wearing glasses and makeup to cover up the eye, but the swelling remained. She posed with Naomi and Sasha Banks following their WWE Women's Tag Team Championship victory, while Lynch was shouting "YOU CAN'T DENY ME!" on Twitter after Night Two wrapped up.

Check out a photo of Belair's injury below. WWE has yet to announce an official lineup for this week's Raw, but "The EST" will likely make some sort of appearance to celebrate her victory over "Big Time Becks."

"I thought it was getting better, but it's swelling up. I knew Becky was going to bring everything she had to me and she did. This is the result of it. I just had to overcome. It's okay. It's hurt, not injured. I'm the toughest and am gonna push through," Belair told BT Sport about the injury following the match.

In an interview on The Bellas Podcast prior to her match with Lynch, Belair teased what she wants to do for next year's WrestleMania — take on another member of the Four Horsewomen. So far, she has successfully beaten two of them and has won a pair of championships in the process. 

"After this WrestleMania, after I defeat Becky Lynch and become Raw Women's Champion, that would be three of the four Horsewomen that I have pinned and defeated," Belair began. "I've pinned Bayley, I've pinned Sasha, I'm gonna pin Becky Lynch this year. I want to eventually pin all four Horsewomen, so I would love for Hollywood to be chasing after Charlotte and being the last four Horsewoman to pin."


"The Four Horsewomen have done amazing things and continue to do the work that [The Bellas] have done, continue breaking barriers and paving the way," she added. "Now, I feel like I'm on the scene, and you guys don't have to go anywhere, but scoot aside and make some room. I'm coming, Rhea (Ripley) is coming. We're on the forefront of the little next generation of women's wrestlers. I'm trying to push through a little bit."