The Rock Shares Amazing Fan Art Featuring Every Role He's Ever Played

The Rock shares some amazing fan art featuring every role he’s ever played. Dwayne Johnson has worn a lot of hats over the years, but this has to be one of the first times that someone collected all of the different eras into the same piece of artwork. Hal Haney tagged The People’s Champion in a post about trying to tie all of these personas into the same piece. It’s wild to see someone pour 67 hours into one post, but fandom is great that way. Once The Rock got wind of this art, he immediately congratulated the artist and thanked Haney for all that hard work. All these years Johnson has been in the spotlight and fans can’t help but show love.

Johnson wrote, “This is wild! The amazing intricate details. All the “50 shades” of expressions of characters I’ve been over the years. What a grateful journey. Great job man & thanks for including my late father and grandfather - RIP. And thanks for including my son @KevinHart4real”

Haney couldn’t believe his artwork made its way to the man himself either, “Wow, Rock I’m so glad you saw this! Thank you so much! A retweet from @TheRock is a hell of a thing to wake up to at 4 am when your dog has to pee, and now there’s no way (and The Rock means NO WAY) I’m going back to sleep! My summer is made!”

The Rock will be taking on a new challenge in Black Adam and fans will be waiting for new footage or information at DC Fandome on August 22nd.

Did you like this amazing tribute? Is there any role you feel like got omitted? Let us know down in the comments!