Attack on Titan Introduces Historia's Child

Attack on Titan has introduced Historia Reiss' child with the final chapter of the series! Series creator Hajime Isayama officially brought the nearly twelve year run of the Bessatsu Shonen Magazine series to an end with Chapter 139, and this meant the series answered some major questions fans still had lingering during the final arc of the manga. At the same time, there have been all sorts of new teases for what's to come for the future of this world. While fans won't get to see what comes next, some big seeds have been planted for who will be involved.

The final chapter of the series revealed some major new developments for Historia after she had taken a backseat to the action due to her pregnancy (which fans of the series had some major issues about when it was revealed in the anime). One of these developments moves the series a few years into the future and fully introduces Historia's young child to the series:

Attack on Titan Historia Daughter Spoilers Manga
(Photo: Kodansha)

The final chapter of the series officially brings the final battle against Eren Jeager to an end, and with it the power of the Titans completely fades from the world. This doesn't stop the conflicts around the world, however, as it's soon revealed that three years after this final battle the world is getting ready for a new type of war between the Jeagerists on the island of Paradis and the rest of the world.

Historia is leading the way in this new world as queen still, and this look into the future reveals that she successfully gave birth to a child and is even seen celebrating the child's third birthday in the final chapter. There's no name given for this child (and the father still seems to be in the picture as implied by the panel in the finale), but the real point is to confirm that the royal bloodline is continuing successfully.


There are lots of questions as to whether or not a royal bloodline is even necessary for this new world and war established with the final chapter of the series, but that's not something we can or even should be concerned with as Attack on Titan has officially cemented its end with this chapter. But what do you think?

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