Attack On Titan Shines Spotlight on Armin in Upcoming Episode

Attack On Titan fans were heartbroken when it was revealed that the latest episode of the anime, Episode 73, was delayed as a result of an earthquake that hit Japan, but with the episode set to arrive later this week, fans have already discovered that Armin has a big role to play in the next installment. Even though Armin is currently wielding the power of the Colossal Titan, it's clear that his current situation isn't going to be something that he can strong-arm his way out of as Eren has held both him and Mikasa hostage in a tough situation.

Warning. This article will dive into slight spoiler territory for the next unaired episode of Attack On Titan's fourth season, so be forewarned if you want to go into it completely fresh.

In the previous installment of Attack On Titan, Eren appeared before Armin and Mikasa, presenting his cut hand and stating that he wanted to talk to them as he threatens to transform into the Attack Titan at any moment. With the upcoming episode, it's clear that Armin has had enough of Jaeger's machinations and isn't afraid to physically battle against his friend that has seemingly turned to the dark side. With Eren amassing an army of "Jaegerists" that are attempting to put their own plans into action by eliminating the threat posed to them by both Marley and the military, it's clear that Jaeger is turning into a full-fledged villain.

Twitter User Leon Arlert shared these images that aired from the upcoming episode before the earthquake in Japan threw a monkey wrench into Attack On Titan's plan, with it being clear that Armin has had enough of the devastation that is being left in Eren's wake:

Episode 73 will be airing this Sunday alongside Episode 74, giving Attack On Titan two new episodes back to back and promising some devastating events as the fourth and final season of the anime continues.


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