Attack on Titan Foreshadows Eren's Inevitable Death

Attack on Titan's final arc has been leading up to total destruction, but as the newest chapter of the series teases, the only real thing that seems inevitable at this point outside of that destruction is Eren Yeager's death. The final arc of the series has taken the series in a wildly unexpected direction as the war against Marley kicked off not just a war between two feuding races, but eventually lead to Eren now declaring the total destruction of everyone outside of Paradis. With him taking such a stance, there's really only one way this can all shake out from here.

While it's been previously mentioned that Eren's Titan power means he has a shortened life span anyway, the newest chapter of the series foreshadows what is ultimately going to be Eren's increasingly inevitable death when he contacts the surviving members of the Survey Corps to fight him to decide the fate of the world.

Now that Eren has officially bonded with the power of Ymir and the Founding Titan, his strength has gotten to a whole new level. This comes with a strengthened resolve at the same time, however, as he contacted his former friends within the Coordinate space for one final conversation.

In this final conversation, Eren lays out how far he's truly willing to go but there's something strange about his words. With the knowledge that he's already seen the future, there's something strange about the way he beckons them to fight him. Although he says he's firm in his resolve to do what he wants, he notes that they are free to try and stop him should they want to.


They all realize that Eren is testing their resolve, so it almost feels like this is part of Eren's plan too. This might just be a sort of cop out for Eren considering how many terrible things he's done, but he makes sure to say that if his former friends want to stop him they need "make sure" he never takes another breath. Could this all be a part of Eren's plan as well?

Could Eren be doing this so his friends kill him? Would a last minute swerve make Eren's actions in this final arc justifiable? Do you think Eren will survive until the end of the series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!