New Attack On Titan Funko Pop Pre-Orders: Eren, War Hammer Titan, Armin, and More

The Attack on Titan anime is drawing to a close, but the Funko Pops are still going strong.

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The end of Attack on Titan is almost here. The series has wrapped up its manga and the anime will air an epic finale this fall. It's a bittersweet time for AoT fans, but the good news is that it's not over yet. Funko will likely celebrate Attack on Titan for years to come, and the latest drops include new versions of Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlert (with chance at Titan form Chase), Sasha Braus, and a Super-Sized War Hammer Titan. There's even a Funko Pop Moment depicting the iconic scene were Eren meets Reiner Braun after four years. 

Pre-orders for the common Attack on Titan Funko Pops are available here at Hot Topic and  here at Entertainment Earth now. Note that a Super-Sized War Hammer Titan (Glow) is listed here as a Funko Shop Exclusive and a Metallic Eren here an Amazon Exclusive. You can check out more Funko Pop Wednesdays releases right here. Several additional, recently released AoT Funko Pops can be found below. 


Recently, an Eren Jaeger Funko Pop & Tee and an exclusive Pop of Porco Galliard from his death scene in Season 4 (minus the blood for some reason) were revealed in the AoT lineup. The Eren Jaeger Funko Pop & Tee is available to pre-order here at Entertainment Earth for $29.99 (free US shipping on orders $59+ using the code FREESHIP59 at checkout). The Porco Galliard Pop is a Funko exclusive that will be available to order here in the near future. Both Pops follow a Captain Levi Ackerman AAA Anime exclusive that depicts the Special Operations Squad leader in a combat pose inspired by the final season of the anime. 


You can pre-order the Captain Levi AAA Anime Exclusive AoT Funko Pop here at Entertainment Earth for $19.99 with a ship date set for July. After you secure one, make sure to check out the last wave of Attack on Titian Funko Pops that were released during the 2022 Funkoween event below.  


Common Funko Pops in the Funkoween wave of AoT Pop figures include Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, Bertholt Hoover, and Ymir's Titan. You can ordrer them here at Entertainment Earth and here on Amazon. The breakdown of exclusives are as follows: 


How to Get Ready for Attack on Titan's Series Finale

If you wanted to jump into the first half of Attack on Titan's big finale before the anime comes to an end later this year, Attack on Titan Final Season THE FINAL CHAPTERS Special 1 is now streaming with Crunchyroll and Hulu (along with the previous four seasons currently available). The second and final Attack on Titan special for the fourth season is currently scheduled for a release this Fall as part of the Fall 2023 anime schedule, but has yet to reveal a concrete release date.

As for what to expect from Attack on Titan Final Season THE FINAL CHAPTERS Special 1, Crunchyroll teases the first half of the grand finale special as such, "The fate of the world hangs in the balance as Eren unleashes the ultimate power of the Titans. With a burning determination to eliminate all who threaten Eldia, he leads an unstoppable army of Colossal Titans towards Marley. Now a motley crew of his former comrades and enemies scramble to halt his deadly mission, the only question is, can they stop him?"