Berserk Fans Create Hilarious New Character In Grilling Guts

The world of anime was devastated when it learned that the legendary creator of Berserk, Kentaro [...]

The world of anime was devastated when it learned that the legendary creator of Berserk, Kentaro Miura, had passed earlier this year, but even though we might never see a true ending to the story of Guts and the Band of the Hawk, but that hasn't stopped fans from having some fun with the dark tale. Fan artists have created a hilarious new take on the Black Swordsman, replacing the Dragon Slayer with a set of tongs used to help in Guts' journey to grill some tasty food in-between the numerous dark battles he endures within Berserk.

Currently, there are no plans to continue the story of Berserk via its manga or a new anime project, though there are plenty of fans of the dark series that would love to return to the world. Though the last chapter of Berserk's manga wasn't sold as a series finale, it certainly had a number of events that acted as farewells for some of the major characters of the anime tale. There have been rumors that Berserk might continue with Miura's assistants taking the helm, finishing the mangaka's epic story, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet when it comes to the future of the battle between Guts and Griffith.

Reddit Artist Get Sum Peps imagined a number of hilarious takes that decides to show Guts picking up spatulas rather than swords, looking to grill meat rather than battle against demons on the regular with this new makeover:

During the last installment of Berserk's manga, Guts was presented with the mysterious "Moonlight Child" who might just be the child of both himself and Casca. While we might never see Guts deliver a killing blow to Griffith, he was able to form a new family, and in doing so, restore Casca's sanity while finding a level of peace for himself that he might have never known.

As mentioned earlier, there are no current plans, that we know of, to bring back Berserk into the world of anime, though there are plenty of creators who have certainly thought about doing so. Powerhouse Animation, the creators behind Netflix's Castlevania, have gone on record that they'd love to one day tackle the world of the Band of the Hawk and even went so far as to place a rather large Berserk Easter Egg in the final season.

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