Black Clover's Noelle Shines with Magical Cosplay

Black Clover's Noelle Silva is shining with some truly magical cosplay! Black Clover's anime will be coming to an end with its 170th episode at the end of the month, and through its time has introduced fans to all sorts of characters and moments that have struck a chord big time. One of the standouts from the very beginning has always been Noelle Silva, a member of a royal family who's essentially the black sheep of her family due to her lack of control over her power. But upon joining the Black Bulls and teaming with Asta, we started to see all sorts of new sides to her.

Noelle might have started off the series as antagonistic toward Asta, but through her missions and fights together alongside he and the other members of the Black Bulls Noelle began to soften and fully grown into a person all her own outside of the Silva family. It's this kind of confidence and royal grace that comes through especially well with cosplay from artist @cosplaykatx on Instagram! Check it out below:

Noelle's been a key figure from the very beginning of the series, and that especially continues even as the anime reaches its end. She's currently playing a key role in the fight against Vanica of the Spade Kingdom. Working together with the Heart Kingdom's princess Lolopechka, Noelle has reached not only a new level of control over her magic but a new power with her Valkyrie Dress form. It remains to be seen whether or not that's going to be enough to win the fight, however.

While the majority of the focus has been on Asta and Yuno's growth, Noelle has been keeping up all along with some major boosts of her own. It's highly likely that she will be the one to deal a final blow against Vanica when the time comes for it. If not, she's going to be a key player in bringing such a massive threat down. It's probably going to be a good eye to keep a closer eye on Noelle going forward, and that's doubly true because it results in great cosplay like this!

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