Black Clover Reveals Yuno's Surprising New Training Partner

Black Clover has revealed a surprising new training partner for Yuno in the newest chapter of the series! The newest chapter brings the Clover Kingdom once step closer to its big raid on the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad, and while Asta has been training how to better use his devil's abilities, Yuno has been doing some training of his own as well. Following his declaration that he will also be part of the raid on the Spade Kingdom, Yuno has been pushing himself in order to come up with a way to take down Zenon of the Dark Triad.

Chapter 272 of the series provides a small update as to how Yuno's training is going, and it seems that he has managed to come up with a plan against Zenon. But he's nowhere near confident in his abilities, and that's where his surprising new training partner, former Vice Captain of the Golden Dawn, Langris Vaude.

One of the major developments that has happened in the time skip since the events of the Eye of the Midnight Sun war, it was revealed that Yuno had actually been promoted to the rank of Vice Captain for the Golden Dawn. Langris sort of disappeared after this, and it seems like he's still holding a grudge against Yuno as the two of them meet once more in the chapter.

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(Photo: Shueisha)

Upon reaching a new stage of his training, Yuno calls out Langris as the former vice captain has been lurking and watching in the forest. The two of them have a ton of animosity towards one another, but Langris surprisingly offers his help as he figured Yuno would need to train against someone who used spatial magic. Yuno hesitated at first (since he'd rather train on his own), but with this being a bigger problem than just him he asks Langris for his help.


There's a sense that Langris has a different motive here, but it could very well be a fake out due to Langris' sneaky personality. Then again, Yuno's heading into some major uncharted territory here and knows that he needs all the help he can get...even if it's from someone like Langris. But what do you think?

Do you think Langris has an ulterior motive in helping Yuno train? What kind of strength do you think Yuno will get from this training? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!