Boruto Promo Reveals Victor's Fate

Boruto's newest cliffhanger has revealed Victor's fate. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations recently ended its original Kara Actuation arc with a huge battle against two members of Kara, Deepa and Victor. While Deepa's fate following the final battle was clear because he was never seen in the original manga run of the series, Victor's fate was slightly more questionable considering that he has yet to meet that same kind of death in the manga or has even been explored to this same level. But the newest episode of the series cleared things up with fans with a new update in the latest cliffhanger of the series.

Episode 176 of the series sees Naruto and the Hidden Leaf Village dealing with the fallout of the Kara Actuation arc, but the end of the episode revisits Jigen as he talks to Victor about the failed plan. It's through this conversation that it's confirmation that Victor is alive, but not fully well.

The cliffhanger of the newest episode sees Jigen contact Victor about the failed plan to sprout a new Divine Tree. Victor blames the failed plan on Deepa, but Jigen's main concern is whether or not the shinobi have caught onto their plans. Mysteriously enough, Jigen then questions Victor about a "vessel" and wonders whether or not it's still safe. Victor then tries to deflect all of this, but it's clear that Jigen is aware that this was Victor's plan.

Regardless of Victor's actions, however, it seems Kara has something else up their sleeve as the anime continues. The cliffhanger indicates that Kara's plan is much more evolved than what Victor and Deepa were planning outside of Jigen's wishes. Fans of the manga know what this is most likely referring to, and what's most exciting is that the anime is finally going to explore what many fans believe is the best part of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations as a whole.

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