Dragon Ball Art Imagines Kid Goku's Ultra Instinct Shift

Dragon Ball Super has done a lot in its time, and the series is still moving along despite its [...]

Dragon Ball Super has done a lot in its time, and the series is still moving along despite its anime being over. A movie might be in the works for Goku and company right now, but Dragon Ball Super's manga is continuing their story. Right now, Goku is trying to further master Ultra Instinct, and it seems like a new piece of art has given the Saiyan a very different shift to try.

The artwork comes courtesy of Seven Sign Art over on Instagram. It was there the well-known Dragon Ball artist gave Kid Goku a makeover worthy of any angle. This means bad news for King Piccolo, and fans are admittedly curious about how this fight would go.

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As you can tell, Kid Goku is given a solid Ultra Instinct makeover, and he is rocking the power's novel form. With his orange uniform ripped, Goku has formed an energy blast in hand, and he used Ultra Instinct to transport right behind King Piccolo.

Clearly, the Namekian baddie was not expecting this attack, and he looks shocked by Goku's turn. Of course, Dragon Ball Super fans can easily understand this confusion. Kid Goku couldn't even go Super Saiyan back in the day let alone Ultra Instinct. This sort of leap is hard to comprehend for anyone, so we can give Piccolo a break here.

This redesign is a fun what-if to imagine, and it just one of many Goku has been given. It seems fans redo battles for the hero whenever he gains a new form. Ultra Instinct's arrival caused such a prompt, so everyone from Freeza to Cell and Kid Buu has been given this rework. And now, one Dragon Ball Super fan has imagined how King Piccolo would handle the godly technique.

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