Dragon Ball Super: Where Does the Series Go After Manga 62's Explosive Reveals?

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 62 Spoilers Follow! Dragon Ball Super's "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" arc took a dark, drastic, turn in chapter 62 of the manga. After Goku and Vegeta both took on new villain Moro using new enhanced powers, Vegeta proved to be the stronger, smarter, warrior, using a game-changing new technique to de-power Moro and take him down. However, like classic Dragon Ball Z battles, Moro had one last fearsome transformation to reveal and has now become the series' ultimate enemy. Goku, Vegeta, and the Z-Fighters are all down, and only a rogue angel stands between Moro and Earth's annihilation.

No matter how things turn out, where does Dragon Ball Super go after these explosive events?

Merus vs. Moro

The big twist in "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" seems to be the fact that it won't be a Saiyan (or other Z-Fighter) who rises to save the day. The gang is getting a much-needed save from Merus, the angel-in-training who has been going undercover as the Galactic Patrol's top agent. Merus was pulled away from the mission to stop Moro by Whis and Grand Priest, after he nearly violated Angelic Law by using his true divine power while sparring with Goku. It seemed he was sidelined for the rest of the story - but now he's back in action.

Dragon Ball Super's Angelic Laws

Dragon Ball Super Manga 62 Spoilers New Next Story Arc

The battle between Merus and Moro - and the future of Dragon Ball Super - really hinge on two things: Merus battling in a way that doesn't violate Angelic Law (using his Galactic Patrol tech, which beat Moro before). And, the question of whether or not Merus was even sanctioned by his superiors to defend the Earth from Moro. It's not hard to imagine Whis (who has grown fond of Goku and Co.) helping Merus straddle the line of Angelic Law - it's also just as easy to imagine Merus' time as a space cop influencing him to make the rash decision of helping Earth's Z-Fighters stop Moro - no matter the personal consequences. The backstory of how Merus got back to Earth will inevitably send Dragon Ball Super into a major new storyline.

Divine War: The Angel Arc

Ever since Goku battled Beerus at the start of Dragon Ball Super, fans have been speculating about the battle between Earth's Saiyans, their allies, and the divine beings that govern the Dragon Ball multiverse. The idea is currently being tested out in the Dragon Ball Heroes promo anime, but Dragon Ball Super is potentially poised to do its own canonized story about how Goku and Co. could defy the gods in order to save Merus from unjust punishment - or avenge him.

All's Well That Ends Well


Of course, this is Dragon Ball we're talking about, so it could all be smoke and mirrors for dramatic effect. The Z-Fighters have potential help coming from both Dende's healing and Krillin's Senzu Beans, so all Moro has to do is distract Moro long enough. Goku and Vegeta could potentially rally and make the save, and we'd be right back in your standard Dragon Ball story arc.

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