Dragon Ball Super Fans Weigh in on Whether Shintani's Style Should Continue

The Dragon Ball franchise has yet to announce an official anime return just yet, but as fans wait for the franchise to return with a new entry they are now weighing in on whether or not the new character designs and style introduced from Dragon Ball Super: Broly should be the way the anime looks going forward. One of the biggest shakes ups Dragon Ball Super: Broly introduced to the franchise was not bringing the movie villain Broly into the official series' canon, but instead was introducing a whole new look for the anime from new character designer Naohiro Shintani.

This new look for the Dragon Ball anime franchise was such a hit that fans have gone as far to wondering what the anime could look like with this new makeover going forward. As prompted by Dragon Ball fan Ultraartpro12 on Reddit, fans are now debating as to whether or not the anime should continue with Shintani's look if or when it makes a comeback.

Reddit user Vegeets makes a strong opening argument for the series continuing with this style as there's a caveat to it returning, "Yes as long as they can keep the production quality high enough. Broly was a movie and it won't be indicative of the type of art and animation that would be in a sequel series." But while the film's production is indeed much higher quality than a TV series will be, it's not exactly going to be a no-win scenario.

The character designs carrying over would mean more flexibility for the anime's future animation overall. While it most likely will not have the production time and attention to detail that a movie can have, seeing how Dragon Ball Super: Broly director Tatsuya Nagamine has transformed the One Piece's anime with the Wano Country arc does bode well for the future of Dragon Ball as a whole.


If Naohiro Shintani's (or some close semblance of it) becomes the new look for the Dragon Ball Super anime's future, then all it would need to succeed from then on is a strong vision from a strong supporting staff. Considering how big the Dragon Ball franchise is for Toei Animation, there's a good chance it'll have all the support this time around that wasn't there with the original launch of the series back in 2015.

But what do you think? Should Dragon Ball's anime continue with the looks introduced in Dragon Ball Super: Broly? Would a different look be a better fit for the anime? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!