Dragon Ball Cosplay Goes Beyond with Fem Vegeta Makeover

One Dragon Ball cosplay has gone beyond with a fem makeover for Vegeta! Vegeta is probably the most important character of the franchise these days. While Goku continues to lead the series to this day just as intended, his character really only grows in power. Instead, his important role in the series is to be the wall in which other characters bounce off against and change. This was especially true for Vegeta, who since his first appearance in the series during the Saiyan saga has become the deuteragonist of the series overall.

Because while Goku represents the wall which both foes and allies come across and either change or move out of the way, Vegeta remains one of the most compelling characters because we have seen that evolution through the franchise to the character he is today. Now that evolution was taken to yet another huge stage thanks to a cool fem makeover from artist @miyu_ameya on Instagram! Check it out below:

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Vegeta's come a long way, and it's this continued growth that makes fans tune into each new episode of the anime (which unfortunately is showing no signs of returning just yet) or each new chapter of the manga. In fact, his evolution is heading into a godly new direction thanks to his new training with Beerus. In the newest arc of the series, Vegeta is actually training with Beerus to figure the God of Destruction techniques.

Now that Goku is going off on his own to develop Ultra Instinct even further than he has now, Vegeta is on his path to becoming an actual God of Destruction thanks to his learning how to use Hakai and the Destroyer abilities. Now that this path has been set for the two of them, it's just a matter of seeing how far the two of them will go into this new potential godhood. And with Vegeta being so different from Goku, his path might be that much more interesting.

But what do you think? How do you feel about Vegeta's growth in the series so far? How are you liking the new godly path for him in Dragon Ball Super? Where do you want to see the series taking Vegeta next as he continues to grow stronger? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments!