Godzilla vs Kong LEGO Build Brings Mechagodzilla to Life

Godzilla vs Kong has been out for more than a month, and the film is still performing well with [...]

Godzilla vs Kong has been out for more than a month, and the film is still performing well with audiences all over. The MonsterVerse sequel shined a light on Kong and Godzilla as the pair battled one another in a Titan-filled world. Of course, the pair were then targeted by a third apex predator, and one fan is honoring Mechagodzilla with a LEGO build.

The update comes from Reddit user YesStonks. It was there the LEGO lover showed fans their work with a custom build of Mechagodzilla. As you can imagine, fans were eager to check out the piece, and this Mechagodzilla build is pretty much the definition of legit.

As you can see above, the custom build gives Mechagodzilla's new design a good look with nothing but LEGO bricks. The monster's contemporary looks suits the material as LEGO bricks want have sharp edges and clean lines. Of course, the mechanics of building Mechagodzilla aren't easy by any standard, but this builder did the work just right.

According to the Reddit user, this build took a whopping 4,441 bricks to build. A total of 213 lots were used to bring Mechagodzilla to life, and the build cost an estimated $530+ USD to complete.

"I have also put the creation in Lego ideas(It's in approval), I'll link it below. Honestly, im not sure whether Lego themselves would pursue a Lego idea with 4,441 pieces but hey, it's worth a try," YesStonks shared.

The figure, which is 16-inches high, would be an excellent pitch for LEGO to consider. Mechagodzilla wouldn't be the first mech done by the company, and it would appeal to fans worldwide. If Voltron was a viable pick for LEGO to license, there is no way Godzilla is not high on that list. At this point, fans would welcome the gift, so we're crossing our fingers for this build!

If you haven't seen Godzilla vs Kong yet, you can still catch the film in select theaters. The movie was streaming on HBO Max following its U.S. premiere, but its license ran out as of this week. However, you can catch the MonsterVerse's previous movies on HBO Max if you'd like!

What do you think of this Mechagodzilla build? Does LEGO need to license a real build for the MonsterVerse? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.