Haikyuu Cosplay Goes Viral for Showing Off Shoyo's Volleyball Skills

Haruichi Furudate's Haikyuu might have officially brought its eight year manga run to an end, but fans are still finding cool new ways to celebrate the series as one cosplay artist has gone viral for recreating one of Shoyo Hinata's cutest moments in the anime! The anime adaptation of the series does many things well when it comes to adapting the manga for the screen, and one of the best decisions the staff behind the anime made early on was included a fun commercial break skit for each of its seasons.

These skits show us a little more of each of our fan favorites outside of the intensity of the main series, and often come as a much needed break thanks to just how adorable they can be. This all started with a skit that sees Shoyo Hinata trying to knock down a water bottle with a well placed serve, and sometimes he succeeds when the series returns from commercial and sometimes he doesn't. It's what makes it such a cute moment for the young hero.

Now that moment has been adorably, and skillfully recreated through cosplay. Taking their love of Haikyuu to the next level with real deal volleyball skills, artist @hrosie (who you can find more work from on Instagram, Twitter, and more social media here) recreated Shoyo Hinata taking a shot at the water bottle and nails in just the same fashion. You can check out the great cosplay and volleyball skills below!

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Haikyuu's manga might be over, but the anime is still running strong. Due to a delay caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the second half of the fourth season will be making its grand return this October rather than its initially scheduled Summer debut. When the anime does finally return, we'll be treated to one of the best games in the anime so far as Karasuno takes on Inarizaki High School.

Did you expect to see Shoyo Hinata's skills recreated so well in real life? Did you read the final chapter of the manga, or are you waiting to see how Haikyuu's anime brings the finale to life? Are youb excited for Season 4's second half returning to screens this Fall? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!